Privacy, Confidentiality and Data Security

We are the only HIPAA compliant printing and mailing service in Southern Arizona receiving our certification through the University of Arizona Office for the Responsible Conduct of Research.  IMS earned our HIPAA for Business Associates Certificate in July 2010.

Our security and data protection program ensures the confidentiality and integrity of information assets. With IMS security starts at the front door, we have implemented a layered approach to security that focuses on both physical and operational measures including:

  • Electronic sign in of all visitors
  • State of the art video surveillance 7 days a week 24 hours a day
  • Digital lock access to interior areas
  • High security firewalls
  • Redundant architecture for network, servers and storage
  • Comprehensive endpoint verification
  • High security, password protected, scheduled access FTP site
  • Post Production transporting utilizing a locked and secure cargo vehicle to USPS facility

We never use business computers for personal use, all business e-mails, proprietary reports, passwords and other critical information is secure from loss. IMS respects your company’s privacy. In the course of normal business we receive company confidential information from various sources. This information is not transferred, sold or otherwise disclosed to third parties, except as allowed by the owner of the information. Your information is always protected as Company Confidential and is used only for your company’s business purposes. All electronic information is securely deleted after it is no longer needed. All confidential papers are shredded using Security Level 5 shredders. Annually we perform data security and confidentiality audits to ensure we are meeting data security protocols to protect our customers data.