About Us

Locally owned and operated by two generations of The Moreno Family.

It was a little scary that first day back in 1989 Mary, a loan processor turned stay at home mom, started a little mailing service from the kitchen table. Big things were on the horizon, we started with a newfangled home PC, a pair of scissors and lots of determination. We have been through 4 presidents, three recessions, and most heart breaking of all Lute Olsen’s retirement but in spite of it all we have been growing and changing all along the way.

Rumaldo, formerly employed with IBM Tucson joined Mary in early 1990 Rumaldo’s education and work background in computers instantly gave IMSTucson an advantage. Computers of the time were primitive, it was routine to strap your pager to your belt loop and head out to pick up a Mag Tape or exchange floppy disks with clients. All that has changed and Rumaldo has been at the helm keeping IMSTucson up to date with the latest Postal software, equipment upgrades and internal processes.

Long term relationships take time to build and we don’t do one size fits all. We have an unusual family business in that we all genuinely get along. We each serve a different function and we all contribute to our success, we respect each other and we are hands on running the day to day operations with honesty, integrity and generosity.

We care and we are here every day, if you call we answer and when you email we reply, communication often gets lost in technology, the simple act of answering the phone and responding to emails can be ignored by some but here at IMS we answer and we do it lightning fast!